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In just 4 hours we can teach you everything you need to know to change your students' understanding of math forever.

Professional Development is paramount. Countless studies prove the importance of continual learning and appropriate application of learning how to use curriculum as having a direct correlation to the effectiveness of schools and school districts (Kaser, Mundry, Stiles, & Loucks-Horsley, 2001).

Effective professional development must provide avenues for new learning, ideally about elements that can transfer directly into classroom settings and... should help teachers by building both content and pedagogical knowledge. (Balka, Hull, and Harbin-Miles, 2010). The outcomes of TouchMath's Professional Development Program are consistent with this research.

Many math programs require days of training to learn how to properly administer. TouchMath is different. Its intuitive format is so easy to learn and a breeze to teach, get all you need to know in a 4-hour, hands-on seminar:
  • Learn the multisensory approach of the TouchMath Program and the research behind the success of the TouchMath strategy.
  • Discover the scaffolded TouchMath strategy for addition, backward counting, subtraction, skip counting, multiplication, division, money, time, fractions, and pre-algebra.
  • Explore program adaptations, share best practices, and learn how to reach students at multiple levels with different learning styles.
  • Find ways to incorporate TouchMath Instructional Strategies into daily lesson plans, response to intervention framework, and individualized education plans.
  • Teach your peers while they teach you. The unique format allows you to learn the TouchMath method together with a hands-on, interactive approach.
  • Each participant receives more than $200 in TouchMath materials!
TouchMath seminars emphasize the meaning of each TouchMath strategy so the educator has a better understanding of math concepts and can immediately apply these concepts in the classroom. Instead of a straight lecture-style approach, the seminar is interactive and promotes cooperative learning. Educators spend time teaching fellow educators — educational research proves that this is the best method to most effectively retain information. (Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde, 2005).

TouchMath has trained educators and administrators in thousands of school districts around the world! Attendees have spoken… there is a direct relationship between the strategies educators receive at a TouchMath seminar and the impact on teacher behavior and student learning of math…

"High quality professional development is essential to increase educators' knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs so that they may enable all students to learn at high levels. Following a TouchMath seminar, it is clear that educators' understanding of math is greater, thus student content knowledge is increasing." — Randy LaRusso, Exceptional Student Education Curriculum Coordinator, Brevard County Schools

"The room was full of energy from the excitement about the TouchMath Program and the presenter's overall enthusiasm. When a team like TouchMath puts all areas of expertise together students benefit in many positive ways!" — Cyndi Chappel, CEC's Special Education Teacher of the Year

"Unlike other seminars, you have an opportunity to actually be working the problems and interacting with your peers and the presenter." — Sue Koch, High School Special Education Teacher

"I loved how interactive it was! It really made us think about the way we teach, beyond just instructional methods." — Lauren Duewer, Elementary Special Education Teacher

"The presenter was very personable, got the audience involved, and we got to practice what we were learning and share best practices. It was great!" — Melinda Pruitt, Special Education Supervisor, Green County Schools

  The affordable, all-inclusive pricing structure includes all travel expenses for your Certified TouchMath Trainer, and all training materials and bonus gifts that are yours to keep:
  • $5,000 – regular price
  • $2,500 – when your order is $25,000 or more
  • FREE – when your order is $50,000 or more
  • TouchMath materials valued at over $200 for each attendee
    • Teacher Seminar Workbook
    • Teacher Training DVD
    • Teacher Training Manual
    • Desktop TouchLines (24-pack)
    • TouchPoint Mini-Poster Set
    • Student Number Card Set
    • Catalog
    • Memory Cue Poster

  • TouchPoints
    • TouchPoints provide an invisible, portable and reliable tool that students can leave behind as they develop memorization skills
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
    • Correct Touching/Counting Patterns help students understand the connection between a numeral and the quantity it represents
  • Visual cues
    • Our signature visual cues help develop left/right directionality, reduce number reversals, reinforce place value and simplify all areas of computation
  • Addition
    • Beginning addition through double-digit addition with regrouping
  • Backward Counting
    • This unique approach sets the stage for understanding subtraction
  • Subtraction
    • Beginning subtraction through double-digit subtraction with regrouping
  • Skip counting
    • Skip counting lays the foundation for understanding multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, square roots and other advanced math skills
  • Multiplication
    • Beginning multiplication through multiplication of up to four digits by one digit with regrouping
  • Division
    • Beginning division through division of up to three digits by one digit with remainders and long division

  Quality teacher training has been at the heart of our company philosophy since 1975 when Founder and CEO Janet Bullock began the TouchMath Training Program.

Heading up the experienced, professional TouchMath Training Team is Executive Director of Education, Michael Soria. Michael brings more than 20 years of classroom, educational consulting, and management experience to the organization. Prior to joining TouchMath, Michael served as Director of Educational Sales and Consulting for PCI Education in San Antonio. He began his career in education as a high school history and political science teacher in Louisiana and was named Teacher of the Year in 1991. Michael has worked in both the K-12 market and higher education markets with Pearson Education, Learning Resources, and Instructional Fair. Michael also served as the Vice President of the Autism Society of America - San Antonio Chapter.

As a parent of a child with autism, Michael volunteers his time by giving guest lectures at colleges and universities, serving as a parent support person for families with special needs.

TouchMath is pleased to offer the expertise of Michael and his team to the districts, schools, and educators we serve.

"The best part of my job is to see the educators' expressions during a seminar. There are so many ‘A-ha' moments when we combine the strategies of TouchMath with best education practices. They truly get how they can begin to break the barriers of math with each student. This collective learning experience goes beyond their own classroom… these are ideas they share with their district and beyond" — Michael Soria, Executive Director of Education and Lead Trainer, TouchMath
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