Student Number Cards (set of 10)


This award-winning teaching aid is ideal for teaching Touching/Counting Patterns and numeral/quantity association. The set contains ten sturdy card sets, each with palm-sized number cards for the numerals 1–9. Each card is reversible, displaying numbers with and without Touching/Counting Patterns. Students can stash the cards in their backpacks for practice at home. Cut, laminate and put the cards on key chains as rewards for student achievement. The perfect portable teaching tool!

Recommended for pre-K–2, RtI and special education

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Student Number Cards Details:


  • Ten sets of cards 0-9
  • Reversible, showing numerals with TouchPoints on one side, and without TouchPoints on the reverse side

Concepts Taught

  • Numbers 0-9
  • Number values
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Numeral/quantity association

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Student Number Cards (set of 10)