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Here is a sampling of the hundreds of stories we’ve collected over the years from adults reflecting on their childhood experiences with TouchMath.

Successful Engineer Still Keeps TouchMath in Her Comfort Zone
After running into trouble with speed multiplication, Meghan Strand started to hate math. One day the gifted student flatly told her mother that she was finished. She wasn't interested in math anymore; she was just 8 years old.

What transformed a frustrated child into a confident engineer, a woman pursuing one of the most difficult quantitative professions in a world dominated by men? She learned TouchMath multiplication using sequence counting.

"I remember bright colors and 'friendly math.' I remember the TouchPoints. TouchMath made it fun. Even today I revert back to TouchMath in high-stress situations when I need to take a deep breath and get into my comfort zone." — Meghan Strand, Supervisor, U.S. Geological Survey

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My Dad, The Banker, TouchMath and Me
Early parental involvement and a family commitment to education have paid off for Claire Darby who recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College. Claire's dad had introduced her to TouchMath as a preschooler.

"Both of my parents were involved in teaching me to read and learn math, and it makes sense that my dad (a bank president) wanted to teach me TouchMath. It was a good fit.

"I thought TouchMath was a fun way to learn basic math concepts. TouchMath gave me the background I needed before starting school. It took the pressure off and gave me a sense of confidence." — Claire Darby

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A Step Ahead
While his mother was visiting with a neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building, Micah Strand started babbling, as toddlers often do: one-four-two … 142.

Micah was barely old enough to walk, let alone talk; yet he had just correctly transformed abstract symbols on an apartment door into the correct spoken numerals.

This wasn't a complete surprise to his mother who had been using TouchMath sequences to help him count aloud well before some children learn "ma-ma" or "da-da." Micah had learned to add and subtract by the age of three.

"Because I was a step ahead in elementary school, I jumped ahead in junior high. Then I was able to move ahead in high school and college. I attribute much of my academic success and confidence to learning TouchMath at an early age." — Micah Strand, Graduate Student

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30 Years Connecting . . .
Teachers to Teachers and Teachers to Students
Alicia Economou still remembers when she was 5 years old and taught her grandmother about TouchMath. Alicia, now a college graduate, recalls," I understood TouchMath well enough to explain it to an adult."

"Grandma" is Barbara Economou, at that time a kindergarten teacher in Southern California visiting her granddaughter in the Bay Area. Barbara subsequently passed TouchMath on to her colleague Diana West who passed it on to teacher Lisa Franco.

"I think it's exciting that just from talking with my grandma, TouchMath made it down to southern California and now tons of kids are using it.

"Now that I'm entering the field of child development, my experiences with TouchMath remind me how instrumental even simple, everyday interactions can be when you're working with children." — Alicia Economou

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