Teacher Training Program

TouchMath's All-New Teacher Training has expanded in content and effectiveness —
And it's still free and easy!
The Teacher Training Program is a free and easy way for you to become acquainted with the benefits, computation steps, teaching strategies, and product uses associated with the TouchMath Program. In just about an hour, this interactive professional development experience will show you everything you need to teach the program with efficacy, as well as the unique advantages educators and students can expect from the multisensory teaching and learning system.

Along with the DVD, we will supply all the materials you need for a hands-on, interactive learning experience – absolutely free and yours to keep. Plus, if you watch the DVD with your colleagues, you'll receive a thank you gift.

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"After borrowing the video and viewing it just once, I felt ready to teach TouchMath. It has many places where you can stop and try things out to get comfortable with the material before moving on. I pretended I was a student and worked through the video step by step." — Tracy Miller, first-grade teacher, Wisconsin

  The Teacher Training Program includes an updated Teacher Training Manual with expanded content and teaching tips, along with a brand-new comprehensive DVD that works in unison with the manual. The new DVD features:
  • A targeted, interactive menu so you can focus on what you need to know.
  • Bonus computation steps for more advanced concepts.
  • Student-teacher demos of the materials to help you maximize your implementation and instruction.
  • Breakdown of the program's components and teacher guides, as well as information on the Common Core State Standards.
  • Graphically-enhanced visuals that emphasize the importance and benefits of the program’s one-of-a-kind TouchPoints, visual cues, and step-by-strategy.
The Training Program materials ensure that each participant has an interactive, multisensory learning experience. Participants will be learning the TouchMath approach in the same way they will later teach it to their students. The more involved you are, the more you will gain from the event. All materials are FREE and meant to be kept for later reference.

What participants receive:
  • A TouchMath Training DVD
  • A full-color TouchMath Training Manual
  • A link to download a free set of 20 TouchMath Activity Sheets
Don't forget about your colleagues — have them join you and we'll send you a Thank You Gift! Remember to invite your colleagues to view the DVD with you. We'll send a training manual for each person and you will receive a free set of Student Number Cards when your group has 5 or more participants.

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  • The benefits of TouchMath
    • Find out why TouchMath is the premier multisensory math program that has helped raise test scores, bolster self-confidence, and foster proficient math instructors for five decades.
  • TouchPoints
    • The foundation of the program, TouchPoints provide a portable and reliable tool that students can leave behind as they develop memorization skills. It’s the only program that uses the actual numeral as a manipulative.
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
    • Correct Touching/Counting Patterns help students understand the connection between a numeral and the quantity it represents, instantly making math real, relatable, and concrete.
  • Visual cues
    • Our signature visual cues help develop left/right directionality, reduce number reversals, reinforce place value and simplify all areas of computation.
  • Addition
    • Beginning addition through double-digit addition with regrouping
  • Backward Counting
    • This unique approach sets the stage for understanding subtraction
  • Subtraction
    • Beginning subtraction through double-digit subtraction with regrouping
  • Skip counting
    • Skip counting lays the foundation for understanding multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, square roots and other advanced math skills
  • Multiplication
    • Beginning multiplication through multiplication of up to four digits by one digit with regrouping.
  • Division
    • Beginning division through division of up to three digits by one digit with remainders and long division
  • Advanced Concepts
    • Unique computation steps and strategies for teaching money, fractions, and pre-algebra.
  • Classroom Materials
    • Student/teacher demonstrations of individual classroom aids to help you differentiate instruction, as well as a detailed breakdown of our core curriculum.

Build your students understanding of math with the TouchMath Teacher Training Program

Touching/Counting Patterns

Watch Video

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  Advanced Concepts

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Don't forget about your colleagues! Remember to invite your colleagues to view the DVD with you. We'll send a training manual for each person and you will receive a free set of Student Number Cards when your group has 5 or more participants.
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