About TouchMath: With our Money Kit, students will:
  • Identify coins and their values
  • Sort, classify, and order coins by size, value, and appearance
  • Sort, classify, and order bills by value
  • Determine the total amount of coins and bills
  • Determine the costs of items and make change
  • Develop a variety of problem solving strategies
  • Collect, organize, and display data using tables, charts, and graphs
  • Using words, students will write money values
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide using dollar signs and decimal points
  • Estimate and round money values
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Below are samples from our Money Kit. Included are carefully-selected worksheets that are geared to provide a preview of the concepts and skills covered in this kit. Simply click and print for use with your students!

Please click the links below to download our samples.

Coins Samples - 15.8 MB
Bills Samples - 9.1 MB
Computation Samples - 258 KB