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    TouchMath takes pride in protecting your identity as an online shopper. Just as you would take precautions in a store, like guarding your wallet and not carrying a lot of cash, we encourage you to take those same precautions everywhere online. Because merchants, like us, pay for stolen merchandise, not the credit card companies, and not the card holders, we also take precautions. If someone uses a stolen credit card number, they will be prosecuted. Once he/she places an order with us using a stolen credit card number, we will immediately give his/her information to the police or authorities in his/her area. We will gladly assist them in prosecuting that person to the fullest extent of the law, which may include arrest, fines, jail time, and seizure of his/her computer equipment. We will also contact his/her ISP and have his/her Internet service disconnected. If the authorities do not pursue that person, our contracted private investigation firm will find him/her and notify the police, and/or we will take matters into the civil courts. Because we want to protect our customers, and because this is NOT a victimless crime, we will show absolutely no mercy to people who attempt to steal from us.


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