About TouchMath:


"Today I conducted a very successful Teacher Training Workshop on TouchMath using your wonderful training DVD and Classroom Sampler and Teacher Training Manual.

“I was told to prepare for 30 attendees, so I came with 40 packets of materials. I stopped counting after 70 people arrived! Needless to say, there was tremendous interest in this wonderful math program.

“The training DVD was very well received and the teachers were very excited about beginning the TouchMath program in their own classrooms.

“As the Chairperson for the Instructional Support Committee for the Diocese, I have the opportunity to present this training several times a year. This is the third time I have done the training.

“Thank you for supplying the materials to make my workshop a success. TouchMath truly does help students UNDERSTAND math while having FUN!”
—Deborah A. Kissinger - Chairperson Instructional Support Committee.

Call 1-800-888-9191 to borrow a copy of our new TouchMath Teacher Training.

During this indispensable training, you will:

  • Find out why leading educators believe multisensory math is the best way to help bring up test scores for all students.
  • Watch TouchMath's classroom-tested “touching/counting” method build a bridge between manipulatives and abstract symbols.
  • Master TouchMath addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in just one session.
  • Find out how TouchMath becomes a child's internalized “dictionary for the math facts” - available for a lifetime.
  • Discover how today's teaching challenges - learning differences, standards testing, student diversity - can be overcome with ease.
  • Watch children learn and use TouchMath for the first time.

“When teachers spend a single lunch period with this new video or DVD, they will be ready to teach TouchMath the following day,” concludes Jan Bullock. “That's why we loan a DVD or videotape to any teacher needing to transform the frustrations of math education into a rewarding experience that eliminates anxiety and builds self-esteem.”

Whether you view it yourself or gather with your colleagues for a TouchMath seminar, you set the stage for accelerated learning of the foremost multisensory math teaching supplement. In less than an hour, the interactive video or DVD provides a tested solution for classroom success.

AT NO CHARGE TO YOU, we will provide everything you need for a productive session; the NEW 1-hour DVD or video training, full-color Teacher Training Manuals, Classroom Samplers and catalogs for every person in your group.

When you reserve your video or DVD, we'll also send you a FREE TouchMath poster and a registration sheet for your seminar. When you return the video or DVD along with your registration sheet, we will mail a free 11 x 17, full-color poster to each attendee.

Request your free 30-day screening of this inspiring TouchMath Teacher Training seminar by calling us toll-free at 1-800-888-9191. .

There's no charge to receive the training seminar on a loan basis, and during the 30-day viewing period, you can watch the presentation as many times and with as many colleagues as you wish. You only pay for the postage to return the video.