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The Wherefores of Generation Y

Every student learns more effectively when taught according to his or her learning preference. Some are primarily visual, some are auditory, and others are tactile-kinesthetic. TouchMath has uniquely addressed individual learning styles since our multisensory approach first became part of math education over 25 years ago.
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TouchMath helps liberate students from a prison called Autism

Steve is flying through his division work-sheet with the same enthusiasm he radiates on the playground. The correct answers are no longer mysterious to this confident, independent fifth grader.
"I like math because I'm good at it and it's fun,"says Steve. However, it has not always been this way. This student has learning differences associated with autism, and understanding math has been an effort.
When Mom is The Mentor, Learning Methods Matter

Danny Ahrens of Bloomfield, Connecticut, is finally learning addition facts by visualizing Touchpoints on numbers. This isn’t so remarkable in the world of TouchMath. But Danny is a special student: eleven-years-old, on the autistic spectrum, and receiving his education at home from his mother.
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On Becoming An Award-Winning Math Presenter

Math is hard. As unexpected as this statement may appear in this context, there’s a good reason to address the obvious.
For many students, math is hard. It starts out that way and haunts them for the rest of their lives. But more students are overcoming math difficulties with TouchMath – and some in a dramatic way.
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