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30 Years Connecting Teachers to Teachers and Teachers to Students

When something works, the word gets around. Sharing and helping comes naturally to teachers. Whether discovered in the next classroom or across the country, TouchMath has become a significant factor in successful math education for 30 years, and counting. .
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Father and Daughter Forge a Deeper Bond through Early TouchMath Learning

Bankers are fond of financial systems and methods. So it was not surprising when Terry Darby, a bank president, gravitated to TouchMath. “As a general rule, my parents were really big on education,” said Claire Darby, his bright and energenic daughter in her early twenties. “Both of my parents were involved in teaching me to read and learn math, and it makes sense that my dad wanted to teach me TouchMath. It was a good fit.”
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While his mother...

was visiting with a neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building, Micah Strand started babbling, as toddlers often do. This time his verbal nonsense communicated meaning: one-four-two … 142.

Micah was barely old enough to walk, let alone talk; yet he had just correctly transformed abstract symbols on an apartment door into the correct numerals.

When TouchMath Became Personal

Texas teacher had professional reasons to try TouchMath. But her private reason was urgent.

Linda Stewart discovered something life-altering at a workshop in 1988. Her reaction was professional … and profoundly personal.
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Whether analyzing ground water flow patterns or wave theory, this successful engineer still keeps TouchMath in her comfort zone.

After running into trouble with speed multiplication, Meghan Strand started hating math. She had learned TouchMath addition and subtraction at age three, and she was in a 3rd grade class for gifted students. Yet, the bright girl felt perturbed over her failure to comprehend multiplication.

One day Meghan flatly told her mother that she was finished. She wasn't interested in math anymore; she was just eight years old.
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