Money Poster Set

Dual-purpose posters you can count on.


The Money Posters provide 27 full color 11” x 17” classroom wall posters that illustrate TouchMath's step-by-step approach to teaching money concepts for coin and bill recognition, Touching/Counting Patterns, equivalent money values, computation, and estimation.

Reproducible activity sheet masters and digital display versions of the posters are provided on an accompanying CD for reinforcement and enhanced interaction.

The posters also utilize TouchStars and Double TouchStars –– a new and exclusive learning tool only seen in TouchMath Money materials. They make counting coins easy and fun!

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Money Posters Details:


  • Twenty-seven full-color 11" by 17" posters
  • CD for digital display of posters
  • Sixty-seven activity sheet masters for practice and reinforcement

Concepts Taught

  • Coin and bill recognition
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Equivalent money values
  • Computation
  • Estimation

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Money Poster Set