Ginormous Coin Set

Get hands-on with money.


Identifying and counting coins has never been this creative. The ability to recognize, count, and determine the value of coins is an absolute cornerstone in students’ early understanding of money and how it effects their lives. Through a collection of giant foam coins, actual-size plastic coins, posters, and worksheets, the versatility in the Ginormous Coin Set allows you to reach: General Pre-K, early primary classrooms, as well as remedial levels from elementary school through high school and adult education.

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Ginormous Coins Details:


  • 10 sets of large foam coins with/without TouchPoints and TouchStars
  • 50 plastic actual-size pennies with/without TouchPoints
  • 50 plastic actual-size nickels with/without TouchStars
  • 50 plastic actual-size dimes with/without TouchStars
  • 50 plastic actual-size quarters with/without TouchStars
  • 25 plastic TouchPoints
  • 25 plastic TouchStars
  • A complete set of posters matching the Ginormous Coins
  • A 24-page manual with teaching strategies, tips, and worksheets

Concepts and Skills

  • Addresses NCTM standards
  • Builds number sense
  • Strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Encourages verbal communication with peers and teachers
  • Teaches students to identify coins and their values
  • Allows students to recognize, sort and classify coins by size, value and appearance

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