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The StepNumerals are perhaps our most versatile product, designed to turn your classroom into a fun and active learning environment. Made from a high-density foam, there are 15, 11" by 11" durable tiles that are sure to make your math lessons an effective and memorable classroom experience –– for both you to teach and your students to learn.

Included are tiles for TouchNumerals 0–9; as well as math computation symbols and signs including: plus sign, minus sign, equal sign, greater and less than signs.

Use the StepNumerals to:

  • Demonstrate TouchMath Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Practice counting and number recognition from 0 to 9
  • Teach backward counting from 9 to 0
  • Explore odd and even
  • Show greater than and less than
  • Work on simple addition and subtraction facts
  • Play hopscotch in the classroom
  • Create a variety of interactive, hands-on games and activities

Use the StepNumerals in conjunction with dozens of specifically-designed classroom activities, for example:

  1. Lay the StepNumerals on your classroom floor in a linear pattern, from 0–9.
  2. Have students take turns walking the "number path," saying the number aloud as they step on each numeral.
  3. Then have the student practice backward counting as they walk backward on the StepNumerals.

Download more activities here.

Recommended for pre-K–1, RTI and special education.





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