Pre-K Differentiated Instruction Set


TouchMath Classroom Aids offer differentiated and effective learning.Value-priced at $169.00, you SAVE $23.00
Savings compared to purchasing components separately. The Pre-K Differentiated Instruction Set is a new collection that combines the teaching aids, manipulatives, and posters that complement and align with the Pre-K program. You can now save significantly by purchasing this set on its own, or combine it with the Pre-K Unit –– making it the Pre-K Collection –– and enjoy the biggest savings! Designed specifically to engage and produce results for all learning styles, the Differentiated Instruction Set truly lets students see, say, hear, touch, and learn! Many of the manipulatives and poster sets come complete with worksheets, lesson plans and teaching strategies, so they are a great as stand-alone programs. They also serve as perfect supplements to our grade-level programs, reinforcing critical math concepts, while allowing you to provide your students with different, more accessible learning avenues. This Set includes:

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