CCSS Second Grade: Unit 3

Adding and Subtracting Within 1,000


Being victorious is always a self-image builder. It makes us more willing to try new things, be brave, and expect to succeed. That’s exactly what we do at TouchMath — give you the materials to help your students face the most challenging of school subjects, and triumph. This unit takes your students through adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers and provides a thorough review of multiplication using our scaffolded, multisensory approach and teaching plans with strategies that ensure proficiency.

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Unit 3 Details:

  • 150 reproducible student activity sheets
  • Implementation guide
  • 6 module guides complete with lesson plans, strategies and answer keys
  • Pre- and Posttests for each module
  • Classroom Aids: FlipCards — More Info
  • Technology: Access to digital content with TouchMath Downloadable Green Editions — More Info

Module Details:

  • Module 1: Adding and Subtracting Multiples of 10 and 100
  • The activities in this module are scaffolded from adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to/from 100 and then to/from each multiple of 100 in sequence. Skills are extended to adding and subtracting multiples of 10 within a three-digit number that is also a multiple of 10 (e.g., 540 + 40 and 580 - 40). The instruction then progresses to adding multiples of 10 to all three-digit numbers without regrouping (e.g., 649 + 30 and 679 - 30). The same process is used for adding and subtracting multiples of 100. Computation strategies (including doubles and number families) are reinforced, in/out tables provide practice in a variety of formats, and visual cues and word problems assist students throughout the activities.
  • Module 2: Adding and Subtracting Within 100
  • The activities in this module include practice with and without regrouping. The instruction focuses on using strategies both within operations and in problem solving. All strategies are presented with activities and visuals that have been previously presented to ensure that learners begin with what is familiar as they move into the more unfamiliar. For the computation strategies, instruction is presented to begin using the more familiar form of expanded notation through building 10. Number families, properties of operations, multiples of 10 (from the previous module), and multiples of 10 and 10 +/- 1 are implemented. Matching, finding pairs of addends that make a given sum, identifying addends that do and do not make a given sum, and flow charts are used to encourage student engagement.
  • Module 3: Adding Three-Digit Numbers
  • This module transfers learning from working within 100 to working within 1,000 using base 10 blocks to concretely demonstrate regrouping hundreds. Place value models and charts are used with the base 10 materials and then presented independently for visual support. Modified place value charts, indicators above the ones column, and boxes for the numbers regrouped are used to ensure learner success, and later eliminated as students gain experience and success. The complexity of the problems is scaffolded, beginning with regrouping only ones, then tens, then hundreds, and finally all digits. Students begin by adding a 1-digit number, then a 2-digit number, and finally a 3-digit number to a 3-digit number. Multiple addends are incorporated and new problem solving strategies are introduced: guess and check and write a number sentence.
  • Module 4: Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers
  • The activities in this module mirror those for addition in the previous module, reinforcing the understanding of place value throughout. Regrouping is extended to include zero and the visual cues are removed so that students internalize the process of subtracting. The use of unknowns in various positions continues to be used. Word problems are used extensively with two new problem-solving strategies introduced: use logic and estimate.
  • Module 5: Adding and Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers
  • Strategies from the two previous modules are used as students begin mixed practice, scaffolding the activities to increase the number of digits and the complexity of the problems. Students begin with no regrouping and move systematically to regrouping all digits. Unknowns in all positions and comparisons are continued as students progress to identifying part/whole relationships, drawing pictures, and applying the relationship of addition and subtraction. The importance of word problems is emphasized with two new strategies presented: work backward and choose a calculation.
  • Module 6: Reviewing Multiplication
  • This module extends and expands the introduction to multiplication presented in Unit 2, Module 4. Students start with identifying odd and even numbers by finding pairs. They then use pictures and numerals together as they begin the process before progressing to using the numerals independently. The activities then move to finding two equal addends, with all skills related to odd and even numbers. The symbol for multiplication is presented, and a soft introduction to the commutative property is included. Creating arrays up to five rows and five columns using pictures and then dots to represent problems is then scaffolded, with problems presented as addition of multiple addends and as multiplication. To conclude the module, students apply the learning in word problems, demonstrating understanding through drawing pictures and explaining the operation.

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Included with CCSS Second Grade Unit 3 are three sets of FlipCards, designed to bring a new level of interactivity and fun into your classroom. Each set of FlipCards offers a robust set of games and activities that will unite your classroom and energize your students. Use them for reinforcement independently or in conjunction with the second grade units.

  • Adding and Subtracting Multiples of 10
  • Adding and Subtracting Multiples of 100
  • Representing Multiplication with Objects


Recommended Aids:

These classroom aids, posters, and manipulatives, provide the perfect complement to the CCSS Second Grade Units. Add any or all of them for more options to differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching, multisensory learning experience.


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    • A downloadable version of CCSS Second Grade: Unit 3. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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CCSS Second Grade: Complete Program
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    • A downloadable version of CCSS Second Grade: Unit 3. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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