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Suppose there was a math program that generated outstanding results for students with an autistic spectrum disorder? What if the method was easy for teachers, tutors and parents to learn and teach?

A recent autism prevalence report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in every 88 American children have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. Among these is 13-year-old Graham Mongin. After years of frustration, Graham found success with TouchMath. He made the critical connection between numerals and quantities. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division quickly followed. "TouchMath gave Graham something that had been missing," commented his mom. "It gave him an opportunity to improve."

Read more about Graham Mongin.

  Help students connect numerals with the quantities they represent.
Students diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder vary greatly in their ability to comprehend math. In many instances, these children are able to count objects or repeat the names of numerals. However, they may have difficulty grasping that a numeral is a symbol associated with a specific quantity. For example, the numeral 5 may represent five pennies, five pencils, five fingers, etc. To convey this fundamental principle, TouchMath places pictures of familiar objects or our signature TouchPoints on the numerals.

TouchPoints are mental manipulatives.
Our unique TouchPoints make it possible for people with disabilities to perform math functions essential for daily living and for academic accomplishment.
  • TouchPoints serve as mental manipulatives for students who find concrete manipulatives cumbersome and distracting. With TouchPoints, students can remain focused on their papers.
  • Counting on fingers and other improvised tactics can be inconsistent, inaccurate and condescending for older students. TouchPoints are portable, reliable and can be used in any setting for as long as needed.
  • Test scores improve and guesswork is eliminated when students learn to visualize the TouchPoints on the numerals.
Follow the prescribed step-by-step process.
TouchMath is meticulously designed to introduce information in a sequential, scaffolded process. Step by careful step, students progress to more complex math skills at their own pace. They experience a personal sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement from teachers and parents.

Materials matter.
A student with an autistic spectrum disorder can be overwhelmed by a worksheet overloaded with math equations. Our pages are uncluttered, present a manageable number of problems, use large print and provide plenty of workspace.

Beginning with first-grade materials, we introduce visual cues that help with left/right directionality, reduce number reversals and reinforce place value.

  Complete Programs: All of the materials you need for a specific grade level are packaged together in these value-packed, convenient collections. If you are uncertain about which grade-level materials best match your student’s ability level, find more information and download samples by clicking on the links below. Core Programs: Core Programs offer a cost-efficient way to purchase all reproducible masters at each grade level. Supplements: These materials may be used with any TouchMath kit. Have questions? Our educational consultants are ready to assist you in making the best possible choices to fit your budget. Just e-mail or call 1-800-888-9191.

All TouchMath materials are 100% guaranteed for one year.

  The Teacher Training Program includes an updated Teacher Training Manual with expanded content and teaching tips, along with a brand-new comprehensive DVD that works in unison with the manual. The new DVD features:
  • A targeted, interactive menu so you can focus on what you need to know.
  • Bonus computation steps for more advanced concepts.
  • Student-teacher demos of the materials to help you maximize your implementation and instruction.
  • Breakdown of the program's components and teacher guides, as well as information on the Common Core State Standards.
  • Graphically-enhanced visuals that emphasize the importance and benefits of the program’s one-of-a-kind TouchPoints, visual cues, and step-by-strategy.
The Training Program materials ensure that each participant has an interactive, multisensory learning experience. Participants will be learning the TouchMath approach in the same way they will later teach it to their students. The more involved you are, the more you will gain from the event. All materials are FREE and meant to be kept for later reference.

What participants receive:
  • A TouchMath Training DVD
  • A full-color TouchMath Training Manual
  • A link to download a free set of 20 TouchMath Activity Sheets
Don't forget about your colleagues — have them join you and we'll send you a Thank You Gift! Remember to invite your colleagues to view the DVD with you. We'll send a training manual for each person and you will receive a free set of Student Number Cards when your group has 5 or more participants.

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