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Pre-K Counting Quantity Posters

Count on TouchMath


Gently float along with Scout the Astronaut as he helps your students connect numbers to quantities while roaming among colorful planets in outer space. Ten sturdy posters covering numbers 1-10, plus one each for 20 and 30, pair perfectly with 20 reproducible activity mats (included on CD).

These posters and masters are perfectly coordinated with the TouchMath Pre-K Standards-Based Unit and with the colorful one-inch TouchMath TouchPoints. This coordination of materials makes math teaching time more efficient and effective by combining the concrete and representational levels of learning to form a stronger math foundation.

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Pre-K Counting Quantity Poster Details:


  • Twelve full-color 11-inch by 17-inch posters

CD With:

  • Instructional strategies for classroom activities
  • Digital versions of the posters
  • 20 reproducible activity masters

Concepts Taught

  • Quantity
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • One-to-one correspondence

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Pre-K Counting Quantity Posters







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