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Kindergarten Counting Quantity Posters

Count on TouchMath


These crazy little birds make counting an updated colorful, fun and multi-sensory experience. Ten sturdy posters covering numbers 1-10, plus one each for 20 and 30, pair perfectly with 20 matching reproducible activity sheets (included on CD). These posters and masters are closely coordinated with the TouchMath Kindergarten Standards-Based Program and with the colorful one-inch TouchMath TouchPoints. This coordination of materials makes math teaching time more efficient and effective by combining the concrete and representational levels of learning to form a stronger math foundation. May also be used separately in any classroom.

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Kindergarten Counting Quantity Poster Details:


  • Twelve full-color 11-inch by 17-inch posters

CD With:

  • Instructional strategies for classroom activities
  • Digital versions of the posters
  • 20 reproducible activity masters

Concepts Taught

  • Quantity
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • One-to-one correspondence

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Kindergarten Counting Quantity Posters







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