Diminish Fall Reteaching — Reach Parents Before Summer 

When it comes to retaining critical math concepts learned throughout the school year, summer is a crucial time for students. And while the summer break is much deserved, it’s imperative that students stay educationally sharp and focused during the carefree days of summer.

That’s why TouchMath has created this set of resources that can help provide your students with strategic direction in key math skills and avoid the summer slide. The materials on this page can be sent home with your students for fun and stress free work with their parents/guardians during the break. Simply click the links to download and print.

Take-home parent/guardian letter

Suggested summer math activities with real world connections

Free student activity sheets
Set contains 5 activity sheets for students of different ages and ability levels

Be sure to check out these additional TouchMath materials that offer perfect solutions for summer reinforcement:

Downloadable Activity Sheets

New Summer School Programs