CCSS First Grade: Unit 3

Adding and Subtracting Within 100


Far too often, math becomes a guessing game for students. With TouchMath, your students won’t feel like they need to guess. This unit blends the multisensory TouchMath strategy with interesting and involving activities and strategies — so you can teach, and your students can learn, in effective and efficient ways. Place value is again stressed throughout this unit along with adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers within 100. You’ll love the step-by-step lesson planning, and your self-assured students will prove that math is a sure thing.

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Unit 3 Details:

  • 150 reproducible student activity sheets
  • Implementation guide
  • 6 module guides complete with lesson plans, strategies and answer keys
  • Pre- and Posttests for each module
  • Classroom Aids: FlipCards — More Info
  • Technology: Access to digital content with TouchMath Downloadable Green Editions — More Info

Module Details:

  • Module 1: Adding 2-Digit Numbers
  • The activities in this module incorporate place value models and charts used in conjunction with pictorial representations. Connecting cubes, beads on strings, and Base 10 blocks are used for hands-on practice making the value of digits inherent throughout the process. The goal is for students to connect the concept of numbers to their quantities. Dotted lines separating tens and ones, and arrows indicating to start with the ones provide additional visual cues with activities carefully scaffolded to assist in building concepts. The activities progress to eliminating the models while maintaining the visual cues and incorporating the use of TouchPoints. Comparisons and word problems are included throughout the module.
  • Module 2: Adding 3 Addends
  • Building on Module 1, adding is extended to three, four, and five addends — gradually scaffolded for sums within 20. TouchPoints are included on all numbers except the greatest addends so that students say the greatest addend and count on the remaining addends. Missing addends are also included to introduce unknowns eventually including sums within 100. The visual cues of dotted lines and arrows continue to assist students when working in columns. Word problems and equations are incorporated as students apply the acquired skills in generating a story or drawing to represent the problem. Regrouping in addition is introduced with models and visual representations of building ten ones to be transferred to the tens column. When students finish this module, they will have had extensive experiences with a variety of addition equations.
  • Module 3: Adding With Strategies
  • The strategies in this module include the commutative property, doubles, build 10 (associative property), easier sums, counting on (using TouchPoints), and multiples of 10. Fact families, multiple experiences with numbers, missing addends, and TouchPoints as visual/kinesthetic cues are all incorporated to provide students with engaging, alternative approaches for mastering sums. When students finish this module, they can consistently apply strategies that are meaningful to them.
  • Module 4: Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers
  • The process used in this module mirrors that of Module 1. The same tactile/kinesthetic models are used: connecting cubes, beads on strings, and Base 10 blocks. The concept of subtraction is further developed using pictorial representations that demonstrate the taking away of objects. Crossing out the number of objects in the subtrahend from the number in the minuend is used to reinforce taking apart or taking away. Throughout the module, TouchPoints are strategically used to aid in the visual/kinesthetic process of subtraction.
  • Module 5: Subtracting With Strategies
  • The strategies in this module include number families, missing numbers, multiples of 10, and counting backward (using TouchPoints). This module mirrors Module 3, reinforcing the relationship between addition and subtraction while showcasing the significance of number families –– identifying the four related facts. The missing numbers activities show students they can use addition to solve subtraction equations. Word problems increase in length and difficulty as students continue to create drawings or stories in real-world situations. Finally, regrouping is pictorially introduced using models and charts designed to be used with concrete models.
  • Module 6: Adding and Subtracting Within 100
  • The activity pages in this module serve as a review of addition and subtraction. To ensure mastery, visual cues are slowly faded –– all pages continue to show arrows and TouchPoints, however, dotted lines between tens and ones have been removed. The module begins with addition, scaffolding from 30 to 100. Subtraction follows with the same presentation. Finally, addition and subtraction problems are mixed as students are encouraged to identify and color the operation signs before starting to solve the problems.

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  • A downloadable version of CCSS First Grade: Unit 3. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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Included with CCSS First Grade Unit 3 are three sets of FlipCards, designed to bring a new level of interactivity and fun into your classroom. Each set of FlipCards offers a robust set of games and activities that will unite your classroom and energize your students. Use them for reinforcement independently or in conjunction with the first grade units.

  • Adding and Subtracting 10
  • Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers No Regrouping
  • Place Value Cards 10–60


Recommended Aids:

These classroom aids, posters, and manipulatives, provide the perfect complement to the CCSS First Grade Units. Add any or all of them for more options to differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching, multisensory learning experience.


Magnetic 3-D Numerals


Desktop TouchLines



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While CCSS First Grade Unit 3 covers a wide variety of topics and skills built on the Common Core State Standards, we understand schools and teachers have diverse curriculum needs. Because of that, TouchMath offers this unit in first grade collection options that provide a more extensive set of materials at significant savings. If you’re looking for a more immersive first grade program with extra ways to differentiate instruction, these options create a complete teaching and learning experience by adding additional units, classroom aids, and technology.

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CCSS First Grade: Basic Program
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    • A downloadable version of CCSS First Grade: Unit 3. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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CCSS First Grade: Complete Program
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    • A downloadable version of CCSS First Grade: Unit 3. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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