Bring the power of TouchMath home.

You asked, and we answered! And we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. For the first time, we now have multisensory TouchMath Homeschool Programs available just for you. The complete pre-K through second grade activity sheets are downloadable by grade level in convenient, cost-effective packages. Each grade level contains hundreds of student activity sheets specifically designed to meet the Common Core State Standards. We’ve also included complete teacher guides with lesson plans, real-world activities, and testing materials for every topic.

And for older homeschoolers, we have made available our Upper Grades downloadable activity sheets for use as a supplement in a home environment. The inexpensive upper grades homeschool activity sheets are broken down by topic and are extremely easy to navigate, select, and purchase.

Just select from the grade-level packages below, and when your purchase is complete, you will receive a link to download your materials and get started!

Note: The activity sheets and instruction guides in these packages are intended for student use in a single home environment and are not for reproduction in a classroom setting. All purchases (whether by purchase order or credit card) will be reviewed and verified before the order is processed. When the order is verified (within 24-48 hours of purchase), the purchaser will receive an email with download details.

Pre-K – 2nd Grade Unit downloads include:

  • Implementation Guide
  • 6 Module Guides with Instructional Strategies
  • 90 Student Activity Sheets
  • 6 Assessments (one per module)
  • Real World Connections
  • Answer Keys
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Vocabulary

Upper Grades offers:

  • Downloadable Implementation Guide
  • Downloadable activity sheet sets by topic
  • Learning TouchPoints
  • Backward Counting
  • Skip Counting
  • Number Concepts
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Mixed Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Money
  • Time
  • Pre- and Posttests

You may also be interested in our Workbooks to help reinforce specific math skills.

Downloadable Pre- and Posttests

You have four assessment options for your students, which should be administered before and after implementation of the Homeschool program.

Download the tests by clicking the links below.

Level A - Kindergarten:
For students beginning to understand numbers. It includes counting tasks, recognition of numerals, oral identification of numerals, and beginning addition and subtraction.

Level B - First Grade:
For students learning to identify and write numerals one through ten and attempting basic one-digit addition and subtraction.

Level C - Second Grade:
For students learning to add and subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping.

Level D - Upper Grades:
For students further developing the ability to add and subtract with regrouping and also learning basic multiplication and division.





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