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Each and every kindergarten Common Core State Standard and additional state math content standards, including AZ, FL, and TX, are taught in our Standards-Based Kindergarten Basic Program, which consists of Kindergarten Units 1-4. These foundational units for the kindergarten program utilize the well-known TouchMath TouchPoint procedures along with a wide variety of well-accepted approaches to basic math skills. Because of that, the Standards-Based Kindergarten Basic is appropriate for use as a total classroom program or in RtI programs adhering to the standards. In this set, students overlay hands-on manipulative TouchShapes (not included) on paper activities, then make a carefully scaffolded transfer to paper and pencil alone. The Teachers' Guides contained in the set are robust and copious, providing day-to-day lessons, specific connections to the CCSS, objectives, instructional strategies, hands-on activities, real-world applications, literature recommendations, and vocabulary. (For more information on the kindergarten Common Core State Standards, click here.)

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Standards-Based Kindergarten Units 1, 2, & 3 are available now. Kindergarten Unit 4 will ship mid-March, 2017.

This full kindergarten curriculum is conveniently packaged in four units with over 600 activity sheets throughout 24 modules – each containing all new detailed teacher guides and ready-made lesson plans.

You can save up to $210 by getting all four units with the Standards-Based Basic Program Downloadable Green Edition.

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Standards-Based Kindergarten: Basic Program



Recommended Aids:

These classroom aids, posters, and manipulatives, provide the perfect complement to the Standards-Based Kindergarten Basic Program. Add any or all of them for more options to differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching, multisensory learning experience.


Magnetic 3-D Numerals


Number Concept Posters


Texture Cards



As an added bonus, each of the four units contained in the Basic collection comes with access to TouchMath Downloadable Green Editions –– an online lesson management tool that includes downloadable/printable versions of ALL the activity sheets and teacher guides contained in the print program. For teachers who prefer less storage requirements and less classroom clutter, don’t forget you can purchase just the downloadable version of the Standards-Based Kindergarten Basic Program at a significantly lower cost!


Standards-Based Kindergarten Units 1, 2, & 3 are available now. Kindergarten Unit 4 will ship mid-March, 2017.

While the Standards-Based Kindergarten Basic Program offers you a convenient and cost-saving package of our kindergarten curriculum, we understand schools and teachers have diverse program needs. Because of that, TouchMath offers another kindergarten collection option that provides an extensive set of materials at significant savings. If you’re looking for a more immersive kindergarten program with extra ways to differentiate instruction, this option create a complete teaching and learning experience by adding classroom aids and technology.

SAVE $250 by purchasing the Standards-Based Kindergarten Complete Program Print Edition, or purchase the Downloadable Green Edition for an additional $250 savings!

Standards-Based Kindergarten Complete Program


Free Teacher Training Program:

Teacher Training Manual

Take our interactive training and discover the unique advantages of the TouchMath Program. In just one hour, you will learn the step- by-step process for teaching our multisensory system to students of all abilities and learning styles. Along with the DVD, we will supply all the materials you need for a hands-on, interactive learning experience – absolutely free and yours to keep. Plus, if you watch the DVD with your colleagues, you'll receive a thank you gift.

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