Real Money Set

Imagination meets real-world money skills.


The importance of financial literacy among today’s young people cannot be stressed enough. Students should be exposed early and often to the significance of money; as well as how to earn, save, and spend it. Most importantly, what impact do all of these “adult,” “real-life” topics have on their lives? Enter TouchMath's Real Money Set, one of the most expansive products in the TouchMath family. With this set, practical, everyday activities come to life. It's time to get real.

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Real Money Set Details:


  • Money tray with an assortment of 800 simulated bills and coins
  • Each coin denomination includes 50 plain coins and 50 coins with TouchMath TouchPoints or TouchStars.
  • Menus for a variety of classroom restaurants
  • Coupons for grocery and department stores
  • Price tags to create almost any type of classroom store
  • A 56-page manual with teaching aids, strategies, and worksheets

Concepts and Skills

  • Recognizing and identifying coins and bills
  • Counting and valuing coins and currency
  • Determining money equivalencies using TouchPoints, TouchStars, and Double TouchStars
  • Banking – keeping track of accounts, writing checks, filling out statements, and budgeting
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to complete money transactions
  • Estimating, making purchases, and giving and receiving change
  • Learning through fun, hands-on activities
  • Setting up a store, participating in “math money centers”
  • Spending money, keeping a budget, using coupons, shopping, dining out

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Real Money Set




These classroom aids, posters, and manipulatives, provide the perfect complement to the Real Money Set. Add any or all of them for more options to differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching, multisensory learning experience.


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