The definitive early childhood math program.

Early successful experiences at the pre-K level lay a foundation for positive math attitudes and develop a willingness to tackle more advanced concepts with confidence. TouchMath's Pre-K CCSS, with its 3-D shapes and matching pages, makes concepts fun and accessible to EVERY STUDENT — regardless of learning style. Pre-K CCSS is designed as a precursor to Kindergarten CCSS and makes it easy for preschoolers to meet or exceed the kindergarten entrance expectations in math. A comprehensive sequence of skills relates the skills within topics for easy reference.

Available in both print and digital formats, the Pre-K CCSS program covers:

Learning Outcomes

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Explore TouchMath Pre-K CCSS

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Bundle the pre-K CCSS curriculum and classroom aids to get the cost-saving Pre-K CCSS Complete Program –– the definitive early learning math program.

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TouchMath’s Pre-K CCSS Unit includes a total of 150 student workmats, teacher guides, instructional strategies, and step-by-step lesson planning.

Classroom Aids
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TouchMath’s pre-K classroom aids provide a multisensory, hands-on way to differentiate instruction. The colorful posters and manipulatives work in unison with the paper-pencil activities to ensure all learners find success in mathematics.

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Tablet apps and an interactive whiteboard program are all key components to TouchMath’s pre-K materials, engaging and energizing students by showing that math is fun!

Common Core State Standards