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The Upper Grades Basic Program includes 8 upper grades units with more than 2000 activities with age-appropriate presentations. The Basic collection administers a wide, topic-based breadth of teaching and learning materials not seen in other math programs for upper-elementary students. The vast set of materials offer remediation and support for math state standards and provide supplemental reinforcement that will soon have your students on energized by success.

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We’ve assembled all 8 upper grades units into one collection to give you the buying power you need to address a diverse student population. Years of research, input from educators on the frontlines and insight into human nature have helped us develop these materials for third-grade general classrooms, special education grades 3 through 12, intervention programs and adult remedial education.

SAVE $183 on the Upper Grades Basic Program Print Edition, or SAVE even more, up to $650 by purchasing the 3 or more Volume Pricing option for our popular Upper Grades Basic Program Green Edition .

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  • A digital version of Upper Grades: Basic Program. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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These classroom aids, posters, and manipulatives provide the perfect complement to the Upper Grades Basic Program. Add any or all of them for more options to differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching, multisensory learning experience.

While the Basic collection offers you a convenient and cost-saving package of our upper grades instructional units, we understand that your classroom needs may be very diverse. If you’re looking for a more immersive Upper Grades RtI or Special Education Program, with extra ways to differentiate instruction, the Upper Grades Complete Program creates a complete teaching and learning experience by adding hands-on classroom aids and manipulatives.

SAVE up to $223 by purchasing the Upper Grades Complete Program Print Edition, or up to $650 by purchasing the Green Edition or Green Edition 3 or more Complete Program options.

Upper Grades Complete Program


Upper Grades: Complete Program

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Take our interactive training and discover the unique advantages of the TouchMath Program. In just one hour, you will learn the step- by-step process for teaching our multisensory system to students of all abilities and learning styles. Along with the DVD, we will supply all the materials you need for a hands-on, interactive learning experience – absolutely free and yours to keep. Plus, if you watch the DVD with your colleagues, you'll receive a thank you gift.

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