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The TouchMath Tutor First Grade Software showcases vibrant graphics, cheerful music and sound effects, and a true hands-on approach. TouchMath comes to life onscreen while students become so eager to complete each activity they won’t even realize they’re learning critical math concepts! It was developed for use on classroom/home computers –– both with traditional mouse/keyboard functionality as well as those computers with touch screen capability. Students are enthralled as math concepts are presented using creative imagery as they learn through play.

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TouchMath Tutor First Grade Software provides opportunities for students who are behind, who want to work ahead, or for general skill reinforcement. Practice and motivation are critical to student success in mathematics, and this software provides both in a relatable and impactful way! It's great for independent student learning, and the expanded Student Assessment and Teacher Options section lets you manage lessons and track student progress with ease.

Software Skills and Concepts

  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Counting 1-100
  • Odd and Even
  • Place Value (11-99)
  • Addition Facts with Object TouchPoints
  • Addition with Counting On
  • Double-Digit Addition
  • Addition Word Problems
  • Backward Counting
  • Subtraction Facts with Pictures
  • Subtracting with TouchPoints
  • Fact Families
  • Double-Digit Subtraction
  • Subtraction Word Problems
  • Addition Word Problems

Software Features

  • Pretests, activities, review, and posttests for each topic
  • Step-by-step instructions built into the software
  • Immediate feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • Fun, educational themes for each topic
  • Play topics in any order to meet student needs
  • Touchscreen and interactive whiteboard compatible
  • Windows and Mac compatible

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System Requirements

Windows® Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Classic, or Windows 10, 64-bit only
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)

Mac OS® X Requirements

  • Mac OS X v10.9 and above, 64-bit only
  • Intel Core™ Duo 1.83 GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)

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Curious to see how the TouchMath First Grade Software works? The videos below highlight the many different topics and learning styles employed by the program. Your students are sure to enjoy the colorful graphics and activities as they follow UnoBear around on a tour of the United States while learning TouchMath and building confidence at each destination. With TouchMath Tutor First Grade Software, math fun is right around every corner! Click on a topic and image below to watch.

Disc 1
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Learning TouchPoints
  • Number Concepts
  • Counting (1–100)
    Odd and Even
    Place Value (11-99)
  • Addition Part 1
  • Addition Facts with Object TouchPoints
    Adding with Counting On
    Addition Facts Review
  • Addition Part 2
  • Double-Digit Addition with Object TouchPoints
    Addition Word Problems
Disc 2
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Placing TouchPoints
    TouchPoint Review
  • Number Concepts
  • Backward Counting Number Sequencing
    Place Value (11-99)
    Place Value Review
  • Subtraction Part 1
  • Subtracting Facts with Pictures
    Subtracting with TouchPoints
    Instructional Video
  • Subtraction Part 2
  • Fact Families
    Double-Digit Subtraction
    Subtraction Word Problems

TouchMath Mobile Apps

TouchMath Mobile Apps is our series of apps that allows you to take advantage of the latest classroom technology by bringing TouchMath to your tablet! The series currently includes apps for Touching/Counting and Addition 1, with Subtraction 1 on its way and more topics to come. They are appropriate for pre-K-2, as well as remediation and special education.

For additional information on TouchMath Mobile Math Apps, click here

At TouchMath, we understand schools and teachers have diverse curriculum needs. Because of that, TouchMath offers collection options that provide a more extensive set of materials at significant savings. If you’re looking for a more immersive software program, this option creates a complete teaching and learning experience.

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