TouchMath is Evidence Based

Read our new white paper.

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See our summary of the research basis of TouchMath.

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In the Spotlight


TouchMath’s NEW Above+Beyond workbooks give struggling students the foundation they need to excel in math. Each progression contains six self-contained lessons in short focused workbooks.

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TouchMath Select

TouchMath® Select allows you to add Standards-Based Units to your classrooms in multi-unit groupings that make instructional sense – with or without manipulatives.

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Free TouchMath Training

Our Training Program is a free and easy way to learn the benefits, teaching strategies, and product uses associated with the TouchMath Program.

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We’ve made it simple to align TouchMath with your state standards or core math program.

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The TouchMath Advantage

Proven success

Each day we hear from educators who tell us that TouchMath helps them reach different types of learners, build strong skills and raise math test scores.
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Research validated

A growing body of independent, primary and secondary research continues to validate the fundamental principles of the TouchMath system.
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Standards based

We've made it simple to align math programs to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) while keeping all the benefits of the TouchMath program.
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