The Effectiveness of the TouchMath Curriculum to Teach Addition and Subtraction to Elementary Aged Students Identified with Autism

David Berry, Ph.D.

This study examines the effects of teaching TouchMath to a small group of students diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. The influence of the TouchMath Program was viewed longitudinally over two school years. Pretests, posttests and work samples were used to evaluate student progress. The results indicate:

  • TouchMath leads to an increase in math fluency with students averaging a three-year gain in addition and subtraction skills
  • TouchMath is the only alternate system that uses TouchPoints and it is the use of the TouchPoints that proved to be the key to student success
  • TouchPoints allow the students to focus on the numeral and work math problems without looking away from the paper

In his conclusion the author states, "Children with autism are best served using TouchMath as it has been proven an effective curriculum for this population."