The TouchMath Program and Its Effect on the Performance of First Graders

Lyn Strand, MA, MA, CCC-SP

To conduct this study, Strand established experimental and control groups of first-grade children. Group 1 teachers were instructed on the use of the TouchMath system. Children in their classrooms were exposed to the method in addition to their standard Addison Wesley textbook series.

Group 2 teachers taught their first-grade children mathematics in the same manner they previously had, using Addison Wesley only.

Results of the study indicated:

  • The TouchMath Group 1 performed far more capably with 80% accuracy on the assessment worksheet. Group 2 achieved 44% accuracy
  • Group 1 performance exceeded basic first-grade standards for expected computational skills and children were reported to enjoy math and problem solving
  • Because of the nature of TouchMath (rapid performance and easy to grasp) students had more time to apply and practice their newly-learned skills