Labels Needn't Stick: At-Risk First Graders Rescued With Appropriate Intervention

Poonam C. Dev, Nazareth College of Rochester, Beverly A. Doyle, Creighton University, Barbara Valente, Pittsford Central School District, Pittsford, New York

The Orton-Gillingham and TouchMath systems of instruction were implemented to improve language and mathematics skill development for 6- and 7-year-olds in a first-grade classroom. After two years of intervention, the students who had been considered at-risk in reading and mathematics at the beginning of first grade were no longer in need of special education services at the end of second grade.

  • All the participants showed marked improvement in reading scores on the WRAT-III and 75% of the participants scored above grade level in arithmetic
  • The students were able to maintain the gains made in reading, spelling and mathematics achievement