Above+Beyond Learning Progression Workbooks

Above+Beyond learning progression workbooks give struggling students the foundation they need to excel in math.
Two progressions in multiplication and division take students from beginning addition and subtraction concepts to an expanded understanding of multiplication and division. Select the individual progression of workbooks that your students need most.

Give struggling learners the boost they need to go Above+Beyond in math!

Without mastering the basics, student progress in math will always be limited. TouchMath’s NEW Above+Beyond workbooks give struggling students the foundation they need to excel in math. Each progression contains six self-contained lessons in short (always less than 32 pages), focused workbooks on multiplication and division. Above+Beyond is perfect for students who need extra support in math.

The solution for remediation and skills building

With the patented TouchMath standards-based methodology and research-backed best practices at its core, the Above+Beyond workbooks are a specialized path to achievement for students performing above or below grade level in both general and special education classrooms. Above+Beyond leverages TouchMath’s award-winning C-R-A continuum, helping students move from the Concrete (TouchPoints™ and manipulatives) to Representational (the numeral) to Abstract (solving problems using mathematical reasoning) – the only solution that works.

The power of learning progressions

Above+Beyond workbooks are carefully sequenced to allow students to review Pre-K and Kindergarten skills they may have missed and progress through mastery of fourth grade multiplication and division learning expectations. Each progression includes six workbooks to let students quickly get back on track and avoid falling behind. Students start at a lower level to ensure mastery and build confidence in math before moving on. Watch this video to learn more about learning progressions!

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