Announcing TouchMath University!

TouchMath University

TouchMath Launches New Professional Learning Offerings

TouchMath University gives educators and administrators fully customizable courses and coaching to improve math instruction


July 13, 2020, Colorado Springs, CO – Meaningful professional learning requires more than one session. TouchMath, an award-winning, multi-sensory approach to helping all students conquer math, has launched TouchMath University, a new approach to effective, lasting professional learning. Available in four delivery models, TouchMath University is a professional learning system that focuses on research-based best practices that increase math achievement for all students. The courses can be easily customized to provide the right mix of curriculum implementation and instructional support for a single educator or hundreds. 

Effective professional learning leaves an educator prepared to face anything and know they will be successful. This requires more than a “one-and-done” professional development day, or watching a series of videos and occasionally answering a multiple-choice question. TouchMath University is not stand-alone, one time or short-term. It is collaborative, relevant, data-driven, student-focused, and designed to improve educators’ pedagogy and content knowledge and skills. 

“Research has proven that teachers are more effective in supporting student learning when they understand how we learn mathematics and the instructional strategies that work best in various situations,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer of TouchMath. “TouchMath University provides a better learning experience for both students and teachers because our new approach accommodates prior knowledge, provides time to collaborate and ensures ongoing support through personalized virtual and in-person sessions.”

TouchMath University courses focus on research-based best practices that increase math achievement for all students. Educators and administrators learn applicable approaches for teaching math through customized programs that provide the right mix of curriculum implementation and instructional support. 

“TouchMath is intended to be accompanied by professional learning,” continued Dr. Elliott. “TouchMath University is designed to provide effective instruction and support in a way that meets the time demands of today’s educators. We strongly believe in helping districts and schools build systems and internal capacity to effectively implement TouchMath in any environment.”

TouchMath University is part of a larger organizational shift to include more robust digital resources. The company is in the process of beta testing TouchMath Pro, a new online tool designed to support personalized learning for students. Visit to learn more.

In the coming months, TouchMath University will launch additional professional learning resources, including on-demand webinars and more. Visit to explore the courses and learn more.


About TouchMath

Founded in 1975 by an elementary school teacher who observed her students struggling to learn basic mathematical concepts, TouchMath is the only curriculum that uses the numeral as a manipulative, building a foundational bridge between the concrete and the representational. TouchMath®’s patented, evidence-based methodology empowers students to master foundational mathematics concepts using a Concrete-to-Representational-to-Abstract, or C-R-A continuum. Based on carefully researched learning progressions, students can learn at their own pace, building confidence in their ability to conquer math step-by-step thus lowering anxiety-based avoidance behaviors and extending focused learning time. To learn more, visit