TouchMath Digital Learning Suite

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The complete TouchMath Digital Learning Suite is our new interface that links all TouchMath digital solutions with a single login. TouchMath Pro, TouchMath Now, and TouchMath Hub all come together to deliver your complete TouchMath implementation. Learn more about each of these digital solutions and schedule your customized demo below.

TouchMath Now: Teacher Platform

  • TouchMath Now is our educator interface for TouchMath standards-aligned curriculum and intervention materials.
  • This print-on-demand service provides the same activity sheets and teacher guide instructions as its print equivalents.
  • Educators can access and print TouchMath standards-aligned curriculum and intervention materials from any internet-connected device.
  • Your subscription to TouchMath Now includes automatic updates to latest content and activity sheets.
  • This flexible and versatile platform provides educators options to print student activity sheets or download for use in other platforms (such as Google Classroom).

TouchMath Pro: Teacher Platform

  • This powerful digital learning tool for personalized intervention and remediation serves both General Education and Special Education learners.
  • TouchMath Pro gives students meaningful and accessible lessons to grow their math skills.
  • TouchMath Pro is flexible digital interface that easily adapts for in-person, distance, and blended learning.
  • Educators can create individual, group, or classroom plans using our visually distinct Skills Rainbow that reflects the math progressions. 
  • Each TouchMath Pro lesson plan can be assigned as a downloadable/printable activity sheet or a digital activity in MyTouchMath, our student facing platform included with your TouchMath Pro subscription. 
TouchMath Pro Skills Rainbow

MyTouchMath: Student Platform

  • MyTouchMath is an intuitive way for students to complete lessons on a tablet or desktop computer and is included with your TouchMath Pro subscription. Accessible in both English and Spanish, MyTouchMath presents interactive problems with TouchMath visual cues in an easy-to-use internet connected application. 
  • Each interactive question is presented one at a time allowing students to focus on finding the correct answer without feeling overwhelmed. Each question is auto scored and provides immediate student feedback before proceeding to ensure errorless learning. 
  • Students receive multisensory stimulation through interactive content, reinforcing sounds, haptic feedback (supported devices), and achievement awards to celebrate progress and proficiency success. 
  • A variety of response modes allow students to interact with their lessons while also preparing them for testing expectations as they progress through representational modeling into abstract understanding. 
TouchMath Pro MyTouchMath

TouchMath Hub: Admin/Teacher Platform

  • TouchMath Hub is the central location for integrating TouchMath Pro, MyTouchMath, and TouchMath Now.
  • Educators receive access to student rosters, gradebook functions, student reports, and other exciting features.
  • TouchMath Hub integrates with leading SSO platforms, including Clever and ClassLink, to simplify your classroom management.
  • Teachers can track student progress with printed activities by uploading pictures of any document with their smartphone or tablet.
  • Educators can set custom proficiency standards for each individual student to help them close the achievement gap and meet their IEP goals.
TouchMath Pro Report

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