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TouchMath Pro Is Effective and Efficient

TouchMath Pro is our new digital tool that empowers educators to personalize learning for targeted intervention, gives students meaningful and accessible lessons to grow their math skills, all in a flexible digital interface that easily adapts for in-person, distance, and blended learning. The platform expands upon TouchMath’s evidence-based, multisensory approach of using the numeral as a manipulative, strategic visual cues, and Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.

Four Modes to Help More Students Succeed

There are four distinct learning modes in TouchMath Pro, each providing a different approach to identify skill gaps and help push students forward. Learning modes can be used in any order and at any time. You do not need to use every mode with every student, use only the mode(s) needed to help guide student success. Learning Modes are teacher facing only, meaning students never know the mode they are working in. Each mode can be assigned in both English and Spanish. 

Learning Target

Set skill goals for individual student achievement – a powerful tool to support IEP implementation

This print and digital mode allows you to create a learning plan by selecting two key foundational skills, one as a starting point, and the second as a targeted goal or end point. TouchMath Pro will chart a course by generating individual lessons for each key foundational skill needed to help the student reach their goal. The individual lessons are released one-at-a-time, allowing the educator to ensure proficiency before moving the student forward. This mode is a powerful tool to support IEP implementation and skills-based interventions.

  • Helps chart a learning path
  • Supports IEP implementation
  • Access to intervene at any time


Digital only algorithm-driven mode guides students forward or back based on real-time response. 

This digital only mode allows you to create a learning plan that will guide students forward or back based on real-time response. You will choose a single key foundational skill as a starting point, which can be based on existing assessment data, knowledge of the students skill gaps, or best guess based on grade level and developmental ability. The built-in proprietary algorithm will assess student answers in real time, pushing them forward to the more advanced skill when proficiency is met, or dropping them down to reinforce the foundational skill when proficiency is lacking. This mode can be a powerful tool to help assess student skill gaps and can be used as a math center activity to help guide independent practice.

  • Digital-only mode
  • Algorithm driven
  • Guides students in real time


Deep practice on a particular skill (or combination of skills) without recycling the same problems.

This print and digital mode allows you to create learning plans for deep practice on a particular skill (or combination of skills). Select one or more key foundational skills in which the student needs practice and TouchMath Pro will serve up targeted practice without recycling problems. This mode is a suitable options for students of all ages and learning preferences, allowing targeted practice for students that just need a little help, or meaningful repetition for students that are significantly behind.

  • Practice one or more specific skills
  • Does not recycle problems
  • Offers meaningful repetition


Quickly diagnose an individual student’s skill gaps in order to target individual intervention needs. 

This print and digital mode is a non-normed assessment tool to help diagnose learning gaps, check for understanding at the completion of a lesson, or to help confirm the starting point based on existing assessment data. You will choose a single key foundational skill as a starting point, TouchMath Pro will generate a series of problems covering the foundational skill, the chosen skill, and the more advanced skill – giving you clear insight into student understanding and proficiency.

  • Non-normed assessment tool
  • Checks proficiency of a specific skill
  • Helps confirm entry or starting point

Individualized Proficiency Standards

  • Every student has challenges and experiences that are unique to them and their learning plans should reflect this. TouchMath Hub is now equipped to set custom proficiency standards for each individual student to help them close the achievement gap in a way that is consistent with their math journey and consistent with their IEP goals.
  • Proficiency levels help educators quickly spot where a student needs extra support or remediation across all TouchMath print and digital lessons, and highlights when a student has achieved proficiency and is ready to move forward.
TouchMath Pro Proficiency
TouchMath Pro Skills Rainbow

Personalized Learning in Action

  • TouchMath Pro makes math learning progression clear and actionable for targeted learning. Create individual, group, or classroom plans using our visually distinct Skills Rainbow that reflects the math progressions. 
  • Skill strands build vertically from Number Sense (kindergarten) up through Algebra (grade 6). Each skill dot increases in difficulty and grade level as you move to the right. 
  • For every chosen skill, TouchMath Pro will highlight the foundational skill, making it easy to help students back up and master the foundational skills they need to find math success. 
  • Each lesson plan can be assigned as a MyTouchMath digital activity or as a downloadable/printable activity sheet. 

MyTouchMath Student Interface

  • MyTouchMath is an intuitive way for students to complete lessons on a tablet or desktop computer. Accessible in both English and Spanish, MyTouchMath presents interactive problems with TouchMath visual cues in an easy-to-use internet connected application. 
  • Each interactive question is presented one at a time allowing students to focus on finding the correct answer without feeling overwhelmed. Each question is auto scored and provides immediate student feedback before proceeding to ensure errorless learning. 
  • Students receive multisensory stimulation through interactive content, reinforcing sounds, and achievement awards to celebrate progress and proficiency success. 
  • A variety of response modes allow students to interact with their lessons while also preparing them for testing expectations as they progress through representational modeling into abstract understanding. 
TouchMath Pro MyTouchMath
TouchMath Pro Print Sheets

Printable Activity Sheets

  • TouchMath Pro also gives educators the ability to assign printable activity sheets, ideal for student use with TouchMath hands-on manipulatives and/or students in which a digital platform is not a suitable option. Activity sheets can be customized to print in English or Spanish and include TouchMath visual cues. 
  • Choose the layout that meets individual student needs – ranging from a single problem per page to nine problems per page – students can focus on their lesson content in a way that is best suited for their age and/or learning ability. Activity sheets are free of any grade level reference so students can work with confidence at any level. 
  • Activity sheets can be printed or downloaded to distribute electronically via Google Classroom or other leaning management systems. Answer keys are easily accessible in TouchMath Hub making grading and score entry the easiest part of your day.  

Data-Driven Reporting

  • Individual Student Reports: Individual student dashboards showcase student progress across all TouchMath print and digital lessons, with individual reports that highlight: Student Growth, Average Score by Individual Skill, Grade Level by Skill, Progress and Remediation Needs by Skill, and MyTouchMath usage. Each report can be customized and exported to share with co-teachers and caregivers. 
  • Group and Class Reports: Small group and whole class dashboards are also available, giving the educator a comprehensive look at how student groups or whole classrooms are performing. 
  • Administrator Reports: For school and/or district leaders, a specialized dashboard gives you a glimpse of teacher and student performance across your connected classrooms and/or building sites.  
TouchMath Pro Report
TouchMath Pro Data Privacy

Implementation and Data Privacy

  • TouchMath Pro is compliant with COPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and state privacy laws. Click here to view our privacy policy.
  • TouchMath Pro is proud to partner with Clever for rostering and single sign on. Additional LMS partnerships with Classlink, Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, and others coming soon. TouchMath Pro also makes self-rostering easy with built-in features and guided support from our implementation team.
  • TouchMath Pro makes it easy for educators to collaborate. Each Team Leader (primary classroom educator) can invite up to three Team Members that will be an integral part of their classroom progress. Team Members can include co-teachers, paraprofessionals, and classroom helpers – each having their own account with necessary permissions to assign/grade lessons and help students succeed.

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