• Worksheets & Activities

    Engaging, hands-on activities teach students about financial literacy topics. Take a look at sample pages for coins, bills and computations.

  • A Comprehensive Approach

    Addresses NCTM Standards, includes access to digital content, and a teacher’s guide with strategies, assessments, and answer keys.

  • Money Made Accessible

    Students with little understanding of more advanced math topics can still excel. Educators tell us their students love it, even without knowing how to use decimals!

Financial Literacy with the
TouchMath Money Kit

The TouchMath Money Kit presents practical real world skills in an engaging, easy to understand format. Students will identify coins and bills, learning how to make change even before they understand decimals.
With 285 worksheets and a plethora of teaching aids, the TouchMath Money Kit sparks sustained interest in financial literacy by teaching money concepts the TouchMath way.
Using the TouchMath approach allows students at any level to learn critical financial concepts and understand the REAL importance of money and its effect on their everyday lives.
The materials in this kit are designed for students in first, second, and third grades, as well as remedial levels from grade school through high school and adult education.

Financial literacy at your fingertips.

With the comprehensive Money Kit, students identify coins and bills, learn how to make change, practice computation with dollar signs and decimal points, and much more!

Abstract financial concepts made concrete.

The Money Kit uses the TouchMath C-R-A continuum to teach financial literacy. Students use concrete TouchPoints to build representational counting and skip counting skills in order to teach coin values. This approach allows students to master abstract concepts like equivalencies, making change, and computations. The process is totally unique and effective in its ability to teach students how money and math interrelate — making this crucial life skill real, relational, and concrete.

The power of Learning Progressions to achieve mastery.

The kit offers a variety of progressively challenging worksheet masters and instructional aids. Although most students have been handling money for years and have a wide range of experience and comprehension, others are just beginning to recognize coins and their values. Each student will have the opportunity to find her own challenge level when working with the TouchMath Money Kit.

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