Standards-Based Kindergarten

Meet and exceed Common Core.

TouchMath's exciting, all-new Standards-Based Kindergarten is built on the Common Core Standards, as well as additional standards from a variety of states, including AZ, TX, and FL*. It provides you with all of the engaging materials and activities you need to teach each standard as your students begin their mathematical journey. We recommend this program for use as a complete general classroom math curriculum or for RtI programs required to adhere to the Common Core or State Standards.

Two critical areas defined by the Kindergarten standards provide meaningful instruction and repetition that leads to success: (1) representing and comparing whole numbers and (2) describing shapes and space. As identified by the standards, more time is devoted to numbers than to other topics. The basic TouchMath TouchPoint method is woven throughout the program while including many other math approaches. It maintains its scaffolded one-step-at-a time presentations, concrete to pictorial to abstract presentations, and multisensory activities.

The TouchMath Teacher's Guides make every teaching moment count. They embrace multisensory guided practice, discussion and demonstration points, and C-R-A (Concrete-Representational-Abstract) sequencing. You'll find scripts for instructional strategies, vocabulary words, student engagement techniques and much more.

* In math, the vast majority of states use the Common Core State Standards as the basis for individual state standards with very few changes. The differences are essentially in the levels to which content standards are expected to be taught within a given grade level. In this revised edition, the standards have been expanded to include higher levels of proficiency and cover more math content areas within the program. The approach allows for greater diversity of student needs in using the program.

As your guide through the standards, the teachers' guides for classroom use provide a precise scope and sequence, progress monitoring, day-to-day lesson planning, suggestions for remediation/reinforcement, testing materials, and real-world connections.

Available in both print and digital formats, the four, comprehensive Standards-Based Kindergarten units cover:

  • Unit 1:
    Numbers Level 1: Counting, Adding, and Subtracting Within 5
  • Unit 2:
    Numbers Level 2: Adding and Subtracting Within 9
  • Unit 3:
    Numbers Level 3: Reading, Writing, and representing Numbers 1–20
  • Unit 4:
    Measurement, Data, and Geometry

Learning Outcomes

  • Know number names and the count sequence
  • Count to tell the number of objects
  • Compare numbers
  • Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from
  • Work with numbers 11–19 to gain foundations for place value
  • Describe and compare measurable attributes
  • Classify objects and count the number of objects in each category
  • Identify and describe shapes (squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres)
  • Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes

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TouchMath offers a variety of purchasing options for the Standards-Based Kindergarten materials. With our cost-saving collections, you’re guaranteed to get the right materials at the right price.

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TouchMath’s four Standards-Based Kindergarten units meet every math Common Core State Standard, and include a total of 600+ student activity sheets, teacher guides and instructional strategies, and step-by-step lesson planning.

Classroom Aids
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TouchMath’s kindergarten classroom aids provide a multisensory, hands-on way to differentiate instruction. The colorful posters and manipulatives work in unison with the paper-pencil activities to ensure all learners find success in mathematics.

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Computer software and an interactive whiteboard program are key components to TouchMath’s kindergarten materials, engaging and energizing students by showing that math is fun!

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