The Sparkling Eyes Test

Whether teaching her own students or mentoring other teachers, Linda Campbell has a powerfully human way of defining math success. This California educator begins every school day intensely aware of teaching standards and performance testing. As both a math coach and teacher for three decades, she knows that educators are being held accountable - now more than ever.

Linda, who holds two masters' degrees in education from California State University, has always been good at math. It's not surprising, then, that throughout her career teaching kindergarten through sixth grade, her students experienced a lot of math success.

"That's what teaching is about," she insists, "helping kids tackle things that are difficult for them, and finding ways for them to be successful. It's THE reason I entered teaching." But even this veteran math teacher has learned a few new tricks."

Several years ago during a TouchMath seminar, she was amazed to discover something unexpected. "It was one of those moments when you say, 'Where has this program been all my life?'

"Right away, I saw the potential for using TouchMath with students who struggle, who don't have a good foundation. Here is a concrete way to present concepts so children can feel successful. It breeds determination. TouchMath can cause a paradigmatic shift in understanding.

"TouchMath allows students to see, say, hear and touch the numbers, meeting the needs of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

"I have personally witnessed a significant difference between the achievements of students who are using TouchMath and those who aren't using it regularly. I've seen the power of TouchMath among third-grade students. Those who have exposure to TouchMath in first and second grades are more comfortable with math as they get older."

Linda reflects on the rewarding moments when students finally have a math breakthrough. "To see them light up and their eyes sparkle. They have success. They know they can do this."

But, again, TouchMath paves a two-way street: accelerating student learning while supporting teachers working with diverse student groups.

"Teachers using TouchMath are finding that the skill levels of all their children increase dramatically. They're able to present material at a faster rate. They can build a skill and go on to higher-level materials." Success is when teachers say, 'I tried what you taught me, and it really worked well. Now, what's my next step?'"

Linda Campbell is fascinated by the fact that the innate response to learning is positive, regardless of age. She enjoys observing that successful teachers react a lot like successful students!

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