Principled Principal

Patricia Mosher describes the day her school discovered TouchMath. "I was attending a workshop about two years ago, and people were talking about TouchMath. After I saw the video, I ordered the Second Grade Addition and Subtraction Kits from the catalog. Another second-grade teacher ordered general math and story problems. We couldn't wait to get started."

This ambitious second-grade teacher and Madge Larrimore, the school principal, are convinced that "it takes a village to raise a child."

"We watched the TouchMath video with Madge. She was so impressed, she suggested we show it to the kindergarten and first-grade teachers. She ordered kits for them. When she saw the multiplication and division video segment, she ordered those kits too so we could follow the continuum from K through fourth grade. The program complements any textbook series.

"We've talked about what we'd like the kindergarten and first-grade teachers to do. By the time the students get to the second and third grades, they're going to understand math, because they've used TouchMath."

Pat's story depicts a whole-school perspective, a sense that TouchMath can add substance to the regular math curriculum and augment learning from kindergarten through matriculation. This powerful commitment to sharing draws these teachers together in an area torn apart by economic problems. Madge Larrimore has even found other ways to use TouchMath to help the school's diverse student population. Pat observed Madge's insight last year during state-wide testing.

"The fourth-grade students were getting ready for the state test, which in New York is very big. Madge showed the kids how to use TouchMath to prepare for the test.

"She was so excited, she got the students excited. They responded, 'This really works, Mrs. Larrimore! This is so cool!'" They're right: it is "cool" when an entire school's faculty works together toward the shared goal of each child's successful journey.

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