Helping Kids Raise Test Scores

Dr. David Cihak instructs his education students at the University of Tennessee in TouchMath because it is a teacher-friendly alternative approach that works in general classroom, special education and intervention settings. "You can have the greatest strategy in the world, but if it's not teacher-friendly, teachers won't use it."

How better to convey Cihak's admiration for the TouchMath Program than in his own words:

"Now everyone is scrambling for research-based methods. Trying to come up with new and novel ways to present math that are research-based and effective is very challenging.

"TouchMath is an alternative approach; a bridge from manipulatives to regular worksheets as well as an efficient strategy compared to the number line. The curriculum on the whole is laid out in a very teacher-friendly way that can be used in the general education classroom.

"It is sequenced in a very bottom-up curriculum style where skills are building on each other. It mirrors standards very well, so it fits for a teacher who is addressing both the state standards and alternative standards.

"TouchMath is effective for helping kids raise test scores. More importantly, students are learning basic computational skills and even more advanced word problems and problem solving."

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