Easy To Teach: Quotes From a University Instructor

"One of my bright and shining teachers, a young man that's just starting in the School of Education program, commented, 'I was shown TouchMath when I was in elementary school. When I get tired, I revert back to TouchMath.' He is on a full-ride scholarship. He's done well academically. So, I thought if this guy has done as well as he has and still goes back to it at times, it must have made an impression.

"Student teachers forget that for young students, there is a gap in going from two objects you hold in your hand to the abstract numeral 2. There's a big gap in being able to say, 'Yep, that's the number two' and understanding what two things mean.

"Teachers must learn how children think. You can't teach unless you understand how your students are thinking. "Teachers will be won over as soon as they get TouchMath into their classrooms and see how kids really benefit from this system."

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