Advice from a Preschool Teacher

In a recent interview with Innovative Learning Concepts Inc. (ILC), creators of TouchMath, preschool teacher Michelle Bowers (MB) discussed her experience using the TouchMath Pre-K Kit.

TouchMath: Why did you select TouchMath?

MB: I've been using TouchMath since I was little. I still use it to balance my checkbook! TouchMath is important for my students because it gives them the ability to begin counting and to begin adding numbers. The way I see it is they have the brain power - why not use it?

TouchMath: Do you feel your students are developmentally ready for this material?

MB: Yes, most of them are. The materials start out relatively slowly and progress sequentially in easy steps. We go through all of the numbers, concentrating on one number every week or two. We also cover concepts like between and before and after. We talk about shapes, patterning and sequencing.

TouchMath: You mentioned that your students enjoy TouchMath. Why?

MB: There are so many fun activities they can do successfully. They pat themselves on the back when they learn something new. They are so excited to show their siblings and parents what they can do. The kids in my class have a pure joy of learning.

TouchMath: Speaking of parents, what is their reaction to TouchMath?

MB: Here's what I've heard from parents: "Wow! We are amazed. My daughter is in pre-K, she is five years old and she is adding!"

TouchMath: What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the school year?

MB: I'd like my students to understand the numbers 1–10, know the Touching/Counting Patterns and grasp the basic addition skills.

TouchMath: In a nutshell, what would you like to tell other educators?

MB: Pre-K kids are ready. Let's challenge them! Let's get them using those TouchPoints to start counting.

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