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At TouchMath, our reputation for being straightforward, intuitive and easy for both teachers and students didn't come as an accident. First, we've built a powerful, multisensory math methodology into the TouchMath system. Second, our interactive Training DVD and companion training materials offer a quick and easy way to learn the TouchMath Program.

Just ask Tracey Miller, a second-grade teacher at Spooner Elementary School in Spooner, Wisconsin.

"After viewing the video just once, I felt ready to teach TouchMath. It has many places where you can stop and try things out to get comfortable with the material before moving on. I pretended I was a student, and worked through the video step by step. I would think about how to word the lesson for my students and get the language down."

Today, Tracey has fully incorporated TouchMath into her classroom curriculum.

"I start my math period with TouchMath. It fits right in. Then we go into the regular textbook. I do teach other mathematical strategies, but I always come back to TouchMath. When my students have a question about new material, I refer back to TouchMath...and it always works."

Tracey Miller is just one example from thousands of teachers who successfully add TouchMath to their lesson plans each year. Like so many others, she transformed herself from a newcomer to a proficient TouchMath practitioner in only a few weeks. Now she helps other teachers implement the program.

"Our team of six second-grade teachers met and decided as a group to use TouchMath," says Miller.

Are the students catching on? "So far this school year, we've been studying single-digit addition. They know it. Only seven days of school so far, and they know it.

"My advice to new teachers would be: 'don't feel overwhelmed.' The TouchMath method is sensibly broken down into parts. If you watch the whole video at once, go back and watch each specific skill as you teach it. It's important to review the language that's used, and the process."

After only an hour of practice with the video, plus follow-up refreshers as needed, you will know how to teach TouchMath with total confidence.

And if you decide to borrow the TouchMath Training DVD and view it with a group, we'll supply as many Teacher Training Manuals as you need - yours to keep along with other Bonus Gifts!

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