TouchMath Brings Big Smiles to Little Faces

TouchMath has played a consistent and integral role in Deb Erne’s curriculum implementation for more than 25 years. Having taught in many educational settings with several student populations throughout her tenure as a classroom teacher, Deb is eager to tell fellow educators about the impact TouchMath has had on her students. Currently a kindergarten teacher at St. Peter School in Huron, OH, we recently caught up with Deb to find out first hand why she feels so strongly about TouchMath. On display was a passion for education and a selfless dedication to see her “little ones” succeed.

TouchMath: Why do your students like TouchMath?

DE: TouchMath makes numbers, counting, adding, and subtracting come alive for my little ones! It brings big smiles to little faces when it all makes sense and they understand what they are doing. Once they learn where those TouchPoints are, how to count them, they can add and subtract like little pros! The TouchPoints on the numbers give them the confidence they need to apply the math skills I am teaching.

Just like Kindergartener Mae told me the other day: “Well, when you do a hard number, you just find the dots on the number and then you know what the answer is. I just love math so much!”

TouchMath: What are some of your favorite TouchMath products?

DE: The technology components are a huge hit. Turning on the TouchMath Connect interactive whiteboard program and the TouchMath Tutor software in my classroom brings on the excitement!

We just installed the TouchMath Adventures: Touching/Counting Patterns app on our tablets… Oh my, IT ROCKS! The magic is happening already! The students are developing such a solid base for number concepts, and they absolutely adore this app. We can’t wait for the apps covering other topics.

Using these fun and engaging technology components in my classroom, my students feel so smart, and they should, because THEY ARE!

TouchMath: Has TouchMath helped you teach to the Common Core State Standards?

DE: TouchMath is very instrumental in helping my children master the common core objectives for kindergarten. Let’s look at the “Standard K.OAA.5” –– students fluently adding and subtracting to 5. Developmentally, not all five-year-olds are ready to think abstractly and fluently master the above goal, however, Common Core has put this rigorous goal at the kindergarten level. Because of this very standard, and because of what I know about TouchMath, I began using it earlier this year –– very early in the school year.

TouchMath makes it possible for the children to easily move from the concrete to the abstract thinking in mastering this goal! Early in the school year, quite a few of my little ones are already fluently adding to 5, even without the TouchPoints on the flash cards. Last year I saw this same mastery with both addition and subtraction, so I look for this year’s class to have the same success with all of the wonderful TouchMath tools I have in my classroom!

TouchMath: Deb, your passion for education is apparent, and we’re grateful to be part of your inspiring students to reach their potential. Any final thoughts?

DE: I have seen amazing progress both with my entire class AND with individual students who initially struggled with math concepts. My kindergartners are definitely more confident and have far less math anxiety because they know how to figure out the answer. Their little faces “light up” at math time! They love to count, add, and subtract because their little TouchPoint “friends” make it easy for them –– they are there if they need them!

Luciana is one of many students who finds the process simple: “If you want 2 plus 2, you just count where the dots are, and it’s 4!” And another of my students, Owen, says that TouchMath “helps your brain!”

I have used TouchMath since 1986 and your program has blossomed and bloomed into one of the finest. TouchMath is so colorful and motivating, and it does an outstanding job reaching out to ALL learners (auditorially, visually, and kinesthetically). I can't say enough about the success and confidence that it brings to children… Students have actually come back to tell me how they still use TouchMath, and how it has helped them succeed in their higher math classes. More people need to use it –– It WORKS!

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