Success Using TouchMath with Students with Dyscalculia

Sharon Bergman works as a Special Education teacher in an elementary school in the Stamford Public Schools in Stamford, Connecticut. This fourteen-year veteran is currently in a resource room setting for 2nd and 3rd grade identified students. Sharon has two Masters Degrees. The first one in Elementary and Special Education K-12 and the second one in Special Education Inclusion.

I have used TouchMath with my Special Education elementary school students for seven years. I have had great success with this program. My first student was dyscalculic and after being taught TouchMath, by the end of the year, was doing triple column addition and subtraction with regrouping. My principal was familiar with TouchMath and was kind enough to fund my purchase of the complete program.

I know another child who did not understand math at all and his mother played the TouchMath sequencing tapes in her car over and over again and now he is fluent in his multiplication facts. I have introduced the other three Special Education teachers in my building to TouchMath and we all use it daily. We have seen amazing results. For the first time, many of the students who disliked math found that they liked math because they were actually getting the problems right. It's amazing to see how well they do and how good they feel. I am a big proponent of the program and that is one of the reasons why I chose the topic of TouchMath to do my research for my second Masters Degree. It's a wonderful program.

— Sharon Bergman, MS in Education, Stamford, CT

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