TouchMath Fan for Life

My son, Jayden, is in third grade this year and we are homeschooling him for the first time. A very bright and articulate child beyond his years, it was simply heartbreaking that he struggled so much with math.

Over the years we have shed many tears as we fought our way through math homework which usually took him an hour or more per page! We tried flash cards, online math games, cell phone apps, reward charts and more to no avail. The concepts simply did NOT stick or seem to ever be totally understood in the first place. This was after three different teachers, two private schools and a class size of no more than 12! Help. Us. Please.

Out of sheer desperation, and after much prayer, I searched YouTube and came across a video promising to teach your child to add and subtract in minutes. Obviously, I jumped on it! The woman in the video was using TouchMath and the student did indeed get it in the time promised. Could it possibly be??? I simply HAD to find out. The next day after prepping the materials, I sat down with Jayden to attempt this new method with much doubt it would work. Unbelievably, he got it and in the time promised, too!!! I was in shock (so was he). I started giving him two- and three-digit problems and he STILL got it!!! Jayden and I both cried--tears of joy this time. I grabbed my phone and recorded him to send to my husband and family. I've not seen my son so proud of himself--so confident--before. This brought on more tears because he had believed he wasn't capable of learning math, that his friends that understood were smarter and better than him and always would be. Sadly and most damaging, that he was "stupid." NO MORE!!! TouchMath has been a God-sent in our lives and our family is so grateful for this program. It has changed the game for good!

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