When Mom is the Mentor, Learning Methods Matter

Danny Ahrens of Bloomfield, Connecticut, is finally learning addition facts by visualizing TouchPoints on numerals. This isn't so remarkable in the world of TouchMath. But 11-year-old Danny has an autistic spectrum disorder and is being homeschooled by his mother, Susan.

Susan Ahrens had tried teaching him math by using manipulatives and memorization. But the unique way Danny thinks has prevented him from grasping either traditional method. "The numbers meant nothing to him. It was always guesswork," Susan shared.

Naturally, she was skeptical about how well any math approach could work for a child with autism. "In the treatment of children on the autistic spectrum, you have to break down the learning into the smallest steps."

She also faced the additional challenges of homeschooling which actually involves two learners: the parent and the child. Parents who homeschool expect to assimilate any math program quickly so they can then instruct their children with confidence and success.

After hearing about TouchMath from a distinguished developmental psychologist, Susan visited the company's Web site. First, she ordered the instructional video, which impressed her so much that she ordered several kits.

After only a few TouchMath sessions with Danny, she saw results. "It immediately clicked with him. It's a reliable and revolutionary program for approaching mathematics. There's a sequential process to follow. It's so intuitive that I'm not afraid of teaching him; it's definitely a stress reliever for me.

"The program is amazing because Danny can learn a new skill in one session. It's scripted and very systematic. It's a predictable way to approach numbers. Numbers aren't so abstract anymore; they're concrete. Danny now has the tools he needs to grab hold of numbers and understand."

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