My Dad, The Banker, TouchMath and Me

Bankers are fond of financial systems and methods. So it was not surprising when Terry Darby, a career banker, gravitated to TouchMath. Darby believes in the value of parental involvement in early childhood learning. When his preschool daughter became ready to learn math, he decided to teach her by using the TouchMath method.

"As a general rule, my parents were really big on education," said Claire Darby, his bright, energetic daughter, now in her twenties. "Both of my parents were involved in teaching me to read and learn math, and it makes sense that my dad wanted to teach me TouchMath. It was a good fit."

Early parental involvement and a family commitment to education have paid off. Claire graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College. "I remember going with my family to Hawaii when I was in kindergarten," she reflected. "I always used to carry bags filled with books on the plane. I remember the ride home and having so much fun with dad and my TouchMath workbooks."

"He taught me addition and subtraction. It was an easy way to learn. I liked working on the workbooks all the time, playing with numbers and figuring out where the dots were."

Claire was a student that teachers quickly appreciated. She attended accelerated math classes from elementary school through high school. In high school, she went through advanced placement calculus, doing so well on the AP exam that she was not required to take college-level math courses. Within just a few minutes of conversation, it's obvious she has always enjoyed learning, and she has a strong affinity for TouchMath as part of her elementary education.

"I thought TouchMath was a fun way to learn basic math concepts. TouchMath gave me the background I needed before starting school. It took the pressure off and gave me a sense of confidence." As our interview progressed, an important insight bubbled up from Claire's nostalgic memories.

"My mom was always the chief caregiver, and she worked with me mostly on reading. But, now that I think about it, TouchMath was a very valuable way for dad and me to connect. As a banker, he's obviously math oriented. He cares about it, and he's good at it. TouchMath was his way to share with me an important part of his life."

What relevance could a multisensory math-learning approach from childhood have for a college graduate, an exceptional scholar at the threshold of an engaging career?

"On a subconscious level, and sometimes on a conscious level, I see my pen moving toward the little dots on numbers. I definitely still use TouchMath. The system helps you with basic math and allows you to focus on more advanced concepts."

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