A Step Ahead

One day as his mother stood chatting with a neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building, Micah Strand started babbling, as toddlers often do. But this time the sounds communicated meaning: one-four-two...142!

Micah was barely old enough to walk, let alone talk. But he had just correctly identified abstract symbols on an apartment door and translated them into the correct spoken numerals.

This wasn't a complete surprise to his mother, because for months she had been using TouchMath sequences to help him count aloud well before some children learn "ma-ma" or "da-da." Micah had learned to add and subtract by the age of three.

Young Micah's accelerated learning required little more than laminated TouchMath counting cards, attached to his crib, and persistent practice with his mother, which, of course, he thought was great fun.

"Because I was a step ahead in elementary school," said Micah, "I jumped ahead in junior high. Then I was able to move ahead in high school and college. I attribute much of my academic success and confidence to learning TouchMath at an early age.

"TouchMath is very easy to learn. It makes math seem less of a chore, more of a game, which I think is important in motivating children."

Today, Micah is a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, working towards an MBA to add to his math-intensive degrees in finance and marketing.

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