When TouchMath Became Personal

Elementary school teacher Linda Stewart had professional reasons to try TouchMath...but her private reasons were urgent. Natalie, Linda's then 6-year-old daughter, couldn't stomach math. "Her tummy hurt when it was time for math, and sometimes she didn't want to go to school."

Linda and Natalie's kindergarten teacher attended a TouchMath workshop and determined that, "this approach will be Natalie's saving grace."

Upon observing the dramatic transformation in her daughter and in her own students following the introduction of TouchMath, Linda reaffirmed the importance of teaching the program to young children. Here are some of her comments:

"Jean Piaget said that children cannot work in the abstract until they reach that particular stage of development. He didn't say 'age.' He said 'stage.' For many kindergarteners, numerals are just lines on paper and don't mean anything.

"Students catch on quickly with TouchMath, because they aren't just looking at a flashcard with a plain 3 on it. It's a 3 with 3 dots; it's a quantity of 3. My students see numbers, say numbers and touch numbers.

"TouchPoints really help them to learn the value of each numeral. Those little dots and circles can make a difference in a child's whole life.

"I would actually like to have more classroom time dedicated to math. I have a full-day kindergarten class and spend most of my time teaching reading. I only get to teach math for about 45 minutes, so with the help of TouchMath I've found ways to integrate math into my classes throughout the day.

"I started teaching 28 years ago. I've seen how successful TouchMath is for children. It's what students need to use when beginning their career in numbers."

"I absolutely love what I do," she concludes, her voice full of emotion. "What better job could you have? You learn through literature and solving math problems. You sing songs. The children tell you how much they love you."

Since TouchMath rescued Linda's daughter Natalie from math anxiety all those years ago, we asked her, how are things going today? "TouchMath gave her so much confidence. She's a junior in college now, and she's majoring in early childhood education.

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