How to Select Your Grade Level

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Each of the pre and posttest sections below will aid you in choosing the most appropriate TouchMath materials for your student(s).

Begin by choosing the grade level you believe will be appropriate. Open the tests, print them and give them to the learner. If the student is able to successfully complete 90% of the problems without help, move to the next grade level and repeat the process. If the student struggles, the grade level you have chosen will be the appropriate level.

Download the tests by clicking the links below.

For students beginning to understand numbers. It includes counting tasks, recognition of numerals, oral identification of numerals, and beginning addition and subtraction.

First Grade:
For students learning to identify and write numerals one through ten and attempting basic one-digit addition and subtraction.

Second Grade:
For students learning to add and subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping.

Upper Grades:
For students further developing the ability to add and subtract with regrouping and also learning basic multiplication and division.

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