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Raising test scores and confidence for five decades.

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Each day we hear from educators like you who tell us that TouchMath helps them reach different types of learners, build strong skills and raise math test scores. Decades of research support these classroom experiences citing TouchMath's multisensory approach and adherence to child development protocol as key factors.

Here's why teachers have relied upon TouchMath for more than 30 years:

  • Research-driven, multisensory approach works for students of all ability levels and learning styles
  • TouchPoints help develop math literacy and bridge the gap to memorization
  • Step-by-step methodology guides students through the concrete and pictorial stages to abstract learning
  • Periodic assessments prepare students for testing
  • Teacher training opportunities
  • Materials are affordable and 100% guaranteed

  • What Experts Say
  • Reach All Learners
  • Free Training

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Learning Stages.

Jean Piaget

Our strategies are closely aligned with the child development philosophies of Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner and supported by leading educational psychologists today.

According to these experts, all children transition from the concrete to the pictorial and finally the abstract stage of learning at their own pace. Similarly, TouchMath students learn math concepts at the concrete level first and then progress to the pictorial level. We introduce abstract math and memorization when they are ready for higher levels of cognitive thinking.

Downloadable TouchMath research.

$500 for Your Research

Send us your research. If we publish it for TouchMath use, you will receive $500 in compensation.

See It, Say It, Hear It, Touch It, Learn It - Only with TouchMath

Children learn most effectively when all of their senses are involved. As they see, say, hear and touch using our signature TouchPoints on the numerals, they easily make the connection between the numeral and the quantity it represents.


TouchPoints are unique to the TouchMath program and provide these advantages:

  • Children enjoy a multisensory math experience while keeping their attention focused on their papers
  • Older students and students with learning differences can use TouchPoints as a portable, invisible tool for as long as needed
  • Students arrive at the correct answer without guessing
  • TouchPoints help develop comprehension and memorization

Visual Cues

The TouchMath program uses visual cues such as arrows, boxes and dotted lines to guide students to the correct answer and promote good habits. Visual cues help to:

  • Develop left/right directionality
  • Reduce number reversals
  • Understand place value
  • Simplify and clarify all areas of computation
Visual Cues

Step-By-Step Strategy

Our sequential strategy is structured so that students fully understand one skill before we introduce the next. They feel optimistic and confident as they assimilate new information. You save the time and frustration of teaching and re-teaching.

Step-by-step Strategy

Age-Appropriate Materials

Our designers are acutely aware of the importance of building student self-esteem as we deliver information. For young children, this means plentiful workspace, a manageable number of problems on each page, large print, instructions that do not require reading skills, coloring pictures and games. Materials for older students of varying ability levels use fewer pictures and age-appropriate content.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Manual

Discover the unique advantages of the TouchMath system with our customized training program. In just one hour, you will learn the step-by-step process for teaching our multisensory system to students of all abilities and learning styles. You may request a TouchMath Training Manual by using the form on our Professional Learning page, or visit our Online Video Training page for a digital version. If you’re interested in taking the next step in maximizing how you teach with TouchMath, we offer customized professional learning seminars. More information can be found on our Professional Learning page.

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